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In this business we have been working for many years and know what our client needs. If you came to our site in search of apartments for recreation in the Crimea, then you are on the right track. For you and your comfortable rest, we have prepared 10 comfortable deluxe rooms, a children's playground, a large swimming pool with tables and loungers, a Russian wood-heated sauna, barbecue areas, parking, laundry, and a dining room.

If you have any questions, feel free to call our manager and he will tell you everything. We also provide additional services for free and for a fee:

Russian sauna on the wood

In our complex for a fee you can rent a Russian bath with wood. Healing air of a steam room, possessing the refined aroma that is characteristic for wood-burning baths, and contrasting douches will make visiting of our Russian bath a real holiday for you. Ideal for your unforgettable holiday with your family or friends. If you do not like noisy companies, you can also be alone in solitude. A unique opportunity for you to strengthen your health by clearing the body, feel the healing power of hot steam and hot water, improve your appearance and mood.


For those who do not want to go to the beach or do not allow the weather in our complex there is a large swimming pool with a depth of 1.8 meters. A visit to the swimming pool is included in the room rate. You can use our sun loungers and umbrellas. A pleasant bonus will be soft drinks that will help you quench your thirst and cheer up. Ideal for children: they will always bathe under your supervision. Also suitable for those who like active recreation (for example, for aqua aerobics classes).


If you want to have a party for your friends, then you can order not only spirits, but also a hookah - a symbol of oriental culture, which is indispensable in any nightclub. Our hookah for a fee will make you a hookah for every taste. Your attention is offered about 30 kinds of hookah, including the already liked most of the hookah on milk and fruit. We will help you to have an unforgettable party. We have thought over all the details for you. You just have to rest and enjoy.


For those guests of our complex who want to relax from everyday household chores, we provide an additional service "Room cleaning". You do not need to think about cleaning and worrying about the behavior of your children. The cost of cleaning 300 rubles. Our cleaning lady will clean your room at any time convenient for you, for example, while you relax on the beach, swim in the pool or arrange a party with friends. An irreplaceable service for our guests who came with small children.


Another wand is a help for families with young children and just for those who are accustomed to changing their clothes every day, but does not like washing. You do not need to waste time washing and think about where to get the washing powder and other necessary means. You can use our laundry. The cost of the service is only 200 rubles. You can completely devote yourself to rest, without thinking and not worrying about the little things. We have already provided everything for you.


We have good news for outdoor enthusiasts. Especially for you in our complex provides a barbecue area in which you can arrange both family or romantic quiet evenings, and noisy gatherings with friends. If you do not like or do not know how to cook, our chef will be happy to help you and prepare the most delicious shish kebab, the taste of which will be remembered for a long time.


For those who like to arrange a barbecue, in our complex there is a special area in which you can gather with friends or relatives. We thought through all the little things. You can either make a shish kebab yourself, or order it from our highly qualified chef. If you decide to surprise your friends and relatives yourself, then you can buy firewood and everything necessary to make the most delicious shish-kebabs from us. You do not need to think where to get the necessary ingredients.


For all visitors of our complex there is a "Transfer" service. We will pick you up straight from the station, as soon as you get off the plane, train or bus and deliver directly to the place of rest, getting rid of traffic jams and feelings about how to get to the complex. An irreplaceable service for visitors with children. Also, if you want we will bring you and take you to the center of Sevastopol. The road takes only 20 minutes drive. Our drivers will be happy to deliver you with comfort.

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